Fish With A Member

Fish With A Member (FWAM) trips bring our members together for a day on the water. The trip leader will arrange a place to meet early in the morning. That allows folks to carpool and travel in a sort of convoy. The vehicles leave promptly at the stated time, so don't be late! NVATU is asking for a $5 donation from participants on FWAM trips. At the end of the year there will be a special raffle for everyone who has donated during the trips.

There are three kinds of trips we normally have:


Day Trips

We are lucky to have a variety of coldwater fisheries within a few hours of NOVA. From Pennsylvania limestone streams, Maryland tailwaters, and Virginia small streams. FWAM trips offer a chance for members to fish together, share knowledge, and have fun.

Tune ups

For members that want to improve their skills. FWAM offers trips based around learning and improving skills. Smallmouth, shad, trout, and much more. Want to learn to fish for a new species or learn a new location? Send us a note and we can plan a trip.


Overnight Trips

For the angler that wants more time on the water further from the hustle and bustle of NOVA. Western Maryland offers a variety of trout fishing opportunities to be fished over several days.